Welcome to Taking Flight

A friendly, supportive destination on your path to overcoming the fear of flying!

Our site was created and designed by well-informed fearful fliers who are hard at work on their own recovery. We know what this fear is about, and we have access to a large pool of information and resources to help you become a happier flier. Everything here is free (and there are no ads that we do not approve) and we are not affiliated with any therapeutic program.

The fear of flying is very common, affecting one in six people in the population, and as many as one in four on the plane. So we are one of the largest Special Interest Groups on the planet! If you are here due to FoF, you are not alone! The "outside" world can be a little rough on us, though, because nonfearful friends and family often do not understand. Please tell them they are welcome here, too, because an education will help them be more supportive of you.

Please take some time to explore our site, and feel free to join our Support Forum!"