Drain Cleaning and Plumbing Repair Tips

A drain cleaning agent is a liquid product that clogs blocked sewers or drains. The word drain can also refer to an appliance like a bathroom plunger, drain snake, sewer snake, or other device used for cleaning sewers and drains. The liquid is usually provided by the manufacturer but it can be purchased at most stores where plumbing and drain cleaning products are sold. Some cleaners are sold without the liquid but with the plunger. The type of drain cleaner chosen will depend on the type of blockage and the type of drain cleaner available.

Clogging of drains and sewer lines can result from roots growing down into your basement, foundation, or main sewer line. Roots in drains and sewer lines can grow for many reasons including tree roots, tree root rots, and broken pipes. Roots in pipes can cause blocked drains and sewers to become difficult or even impossible to use. To prevent this problem in the future, you should address drainage and sewer cleaning services right away. When blocked drains and sewers become frustrating, it’s time to call a professional to clean them.

Roots in pipes and drains can also occur due to damage caused by ice and melted snow in the winter. If your gutters and downspouts are clogged, the ice can crack and break through and cause damage to your gutters and drains. Your pipes can also become damaged from freezing and thawing out in the winter. When pipes are exposed to varying temperatures and/or water amounts over a long period of time, they can develop problems. A professional plumber or drain cleaning services can help you resolve issues with damaged pipes.

Cameras can be used for a variety of drain cleaning and sewer line cleaning services. For example, a camera inspection can be used to identify the source of a clog. In some cases, a camera inspection can also be used to identify sources of hair, dirt and other debris inside your sewer lines. A professional plumber or drain cleaning company can use a camera inspection in conjunction with a variety of other drain cleaning or sewer line cleaning services to clear your drains and sewer lines of debris and grime.

Drainage and Sewer Cleaning services can also include the process of hydro jetting. This process can clear out stubborn blockages in sewer lines, but if clogs are located in your kitchen or bathroom plumbing, it is best to call in a professional plumber to remove the blockage. A hydro jetting technician uses water and high-pressure jets to blast waste material from pipes and sewer lines. The resulting steam is released into the home’s main sewer system. This method is often the preferred option because it is very effective at forcing out clogs in drains and sinks and in most cases, drain cleaning is able to occur within a matter of hours.

Professional drain cleaning and plumber services can also address issues with backed up sewage. Backed up sewage is caused by a number of factors, including tree roots, tree branches, and landscaping debris. In order to effectively eliminate backed up sewage, a licensed plumber must use specialized equipment including an anti-block mechanism, a gravity drain snake, and a root cutter. These prevent potential clogs from occurring in the pipes and sewer lines. If a drain becomes blocked, a licensed plumber will use one of the methods outlined in this article to clear the drain. After the clog is removed, your toilet or sink can be flushed and the issue resolved.

For large blockages, sewer and drain cleaning service companies may recommend the use of a garbage disposal unit. In cases where a clog is located in your kitchen or bathroom plumbing, a licensed plumber will often suggest the use of a garbage disposal unit to help remove the obstruction. A garbage disposal unit is designed to remove large, solid garbage such as canned goods, paper, or cardboard; it does not have the capacity to remove organic materials, which is why it is used in conjunction with a drain cleaning and plumber service.

If your drainage issues are not of a plumbing system issue, but rather a blockage in your sewer lines, a plumber may suggest the installation of a sump pump. This device will eliminate the need for frequent drain cleaning and plumber may suggest the use of an anti-block device, anorexia trap, or a bend trap if the blockage is structural in nature. All of these devices serve the same purpose; they keep potential contaminants out of your plumbing system. In some extreme cases, the plumber may recommend that the use of a float trap, gravity trap, or a trench drain is required.