The Most Popular Real Estate In Port Colborne

Port Colborne real estate

Port Colborne real estate offers a wide range of offerings to suit just about every whim and need. The city is nestled between two large estuary bodies, the River St. Lawrence and the River Erie. These bodies of water offer both the pleasures of the Atlantic and the excitement of the Canadian northern areas. Whether you are interested in a quiet escape or in a bustling community, Port Colborne real estate offers it all.

The first thing that should be pointed out when exploring the various Port Colborne real estate offerings is that the region is home to a rich variety of offerings. From an ethnic influence to the most contemporary of designs, Port Colborne is certain to provide an individual with a property that suits their needs and tastes. A stroll along the shores of the River St. Lawrence will reveal some of the most picturesque views in all of Ontario. The natural beauty of this area is also complemented by a number of public parks and nature preserves that offer visitors a chance to observe wildlife and to get a feel for the history and wildlife of this corner of eastern Ontario.

If your interests lie more along the lines of a residence, you will find that the offerings here are wide and varied. Whether you are looking for a serene, rural hideaway or a contemporary urban condominium on the outskirts of downtown Toronto, you can find them in Port Colborne real estate listings. You can choose from a variety of different styles such as detached houses and townhouses, as well as preconstruction properties. There are many different floor plans including loft conversions and even two storey unit dwellings that provide ample living space for the family.

If you are looking for a place to call your own, there are a number of unique offerings to choose from. One unusual house that you may want to consider is a house with two beds and two deck spaces. This exquisite home sits on the border of rural Ontario’s Niagara peninsula and was designed by local designer Frank Silva. The exquisite architecture and landscaping are accompanied by a contemporary design that consists of two storeys and an upper level that are comprised of two levels and a ground floor patio. The house features two large generous terraces that provide spectacular views of Lake Erie and the Georgian Bay. There is also a Lanai that offers lush, relaxing surroundings that is open to yearly maintenance by a professional team.

If you would like to be closer to Toronto, you may wish to consider a house with two beds and a one bath condo. These unusual homes are located on the quieter side of Port Colborne and were designed by local landscape architect Larry Gibson. You will discover that the design elements are influenced by Gibson’s love of the natural environment and wildlife. The unusual bds feature hand-crafted hardwood panels on all sides and a wood frame that are supported by a single column. The house is designed to sit comfortably within the boundaries of its two-bay duplex style building and is completed with beautifully hand-scraped hardwoods, stainless steel appliances and granite countertops.

One last waterfront property is a house that offers views of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. This exquisite and elegant property sits in a gated community on the border of Ontario and Erie County. The exquisite amenities that are featured in this amazing property include two fully enclosed bays featuring the convenience of having a car-wash, swimming pool, party room and a business centre. There is also a large garden that is open to annual maintenance that is filled with mature trees and bushes that offer a wonderful view of both sides of the lake and more.