Boudoir Photography – Luxury and Seduction

Boudoir photography has become an extremely popular way of photographing brides and other bridal couples throughout the world. Boudoir photography is basically a photographic style that features romantic, sensuous, intimate, and at times even erotic photographs of its subjects in either a private bedroom bathroom or other personal dressing room setting, mainly intended for the exclusive enjoyment of both the subjects and their respective romantic partners. This type of photography may vary greatly depending on the photographer, preferences of the subject and the type of photographs involved. For most brides, they will want to have pictures of them sleeping, in various poses while on their knees or doing different types of seductive dances, and maybe even posing in some sexy lingerie!

boudoir photography

The concept of boudoir photography emerged in the early twentieth century when photographer’s started putting together romantic stills taken during actual day-to-day photography shoots. These stills were used as models in photography salons all across the United States. They were also printed on acid free paper with black & white or sepia color. A famous photographer named Helen Frankenthaler managed to convince the British Film Corporation to allow her to use this unique style of photography during the creation of the feature length version of “The House Beautiful”. Boudoir photography became more widely accepted by the American public in the late thirties through the efforts of such people as photographer Bettie Cook, who was working in New York City at the time. She managed to acquire the rights to her own personal collection of boudoir photos and was able to use them in publications such as “neysiasts” and “style”.

As the popularity of boudoir photography spread, studios all over the United States opened up in every major city and many women just had to hop on the bandwagon. In fact, some women began traveling to Europe just so they could have a boudoir photography session in the most progressive country on earth. This trend reached its peak in the fifties when photographer Frank Lowe was roaming the streets and photographs fashionable socialites such as Rose Saxony, Countess de Montmort, and Coco Chanel. Boudoir photography continued to go from strength to strength, even though the studios closed and more women discovered the pleasure of participating in this photo shoot.

Today, boudoir photography still has a strong following among women who enjoy participating in a photo shoot while wearing sexy lingerie. Some boudoir photographers and stylists have even managed to combine the photo shoot with a live event, such as a banquet or ball, where guests are given a photo credit before the photographs are taken. The boudoir albums are then auctioned off at online auctions and many boudoir photographers and stylists have gained a good deal of notoriety for their unique boudoir photography styles.

Some professional photographers and models still offer boudoir photography services to corporate clients. For those in the entertainment industry, boudoir photography may be a fun way to release an upcoming star or actresses. Boudoir photographers shoot photos in a variety of poses, lighting, clothing, and themes to create an unforgettable image for a company that is about to hit the big time. Boudoir sessions can also be used to celebrate the retirement of a celebrated athlete or singer.

Boudoir photography has evolved into a unique art form. Boudoir photographers use creative photojournalism techniques to make a photo shoot into a masterpiece. They carefully plan out the location, dress the model, record the setting, arrange props, and then follow up with tasteful editing. A boudoir photography shoot can range from traditional romantic poses to exotic locations. Whatever the theme, there is certainly a boudoir photography style that will suit your needs and tastes.